Tier Six digital advertising solutions let you

personalize your ads without the manual work.

Facebook Dynamic Inventory Ads

Tier Six automatically generates ads that show the most compelling inventory to the right audiences.


Use dynamic inventory ads to direct people toward inventory detail pages, lead submission forms or other valuable places—and continually show your most relevant products to potential buyers.

Real-time Inventory Syncing

Avoid the hassle of manually loading, creating and updating inventory ads with Tier Six's automatic dynamic inventory ad syncing solution.

Once Tier Six sets up your campaign, it will continue working for you for as long as you want—finding the right people for each product, and always using up-to-date pricing and availability.

Inventory Specific Leads

With a single Tier Six integration, you can make sure that your most relevant products are always being shown to potential buyers—allowing you to focus on closing the sale.

Your campaigns are automatically set to reach people with the right inventory at the right time, based on the actions they take on your website or app.

Deliver ads to people who want to see them.

With dynamic inventory ads, you can automatically serve up ads with real-time availability and pricing to people based on vehicles they show intent to purchase. Your ads will appear on web and mobile, regardless of the device they used to originally see your product.

Ready to get started with Dynamic Inventory Ads?

Whether you want to find out more about Dynamic Inventory Ads or you're looking to start a campaign, the team at Tier Six is happy to answer any of your questions.